Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I showed my sister and niece how to make the bottlecap necklaces.  Said sister made some of her own recently and has definitely improved upon what I showed her.

the top is more rounded than mine and she put the jump ring in before she poured so she didn't have to drill a hole.  it was messy at first, and required a second pouring, but it looks darn good!

she used bigger beads for some

and a ball chain
cute, right?


  1. Very cute! I love the larger beads. And smart, getting rid of the need to drill.

  2. That particular sister is very good at that, isn't she? Making improvements, I mean. It seems to always work that way though, when you try someone else's idea you're able to add something. I think the Izze bottle caps are the cutest too.