Saturday, January 28, 2012

My new best friend

Right before Christmas, I sold my Wishblade.  We did many cute projects together...but it was time to move on.

I bought my self this girl!

Holy cow!  I love her!

She's easy to use: which could be in part because it's a lot like the Wishblade, except her user interface is a lot more straight forward!  The WB had three different blade caps and I'd have to look up each type of material I was going to cut to make sure I was using the right cap, but the Silhouette has one blade that you adjust depending on the material and when you tell the machine to cut, it tells you which setting to use!  Unlike the WB, which only could cut things that were 8.5" wide, my new BFF can cut things that are 12" wide (it's so nice to not have to cut scrapbook paper down to size before using it)! 

I'm loving her and we've already started bonding over some pretty darling projects!

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  1. Ooooh, fun! Where did you buy it? I am seriously considering!!