Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Presents

In addition to the annual Schneiter and Hickenlooper family calendars, this year I also made a few extra goodies!  I got all of my ideas from pinterest!

For my nieces and nephews (each family got their own game):

Sister1's family is the only one that got a box.  The new version of Guess Who doesn't have the flip up windows, so I had to buy older versions of the game on ebay.  There was only one decent looking/smelling box.

 I made all of my sisters bleach-pen t-shirts.  

In Brad's family we do a secret Santa gift exchange, I drew Marign's name and I made her this marble necklace!  It's just a baked marble but I think it looks pretty cool!

As usual, I was overwhelmed and working until the last possible second, but I love giving handmade gifts!  I love to hear people's reactions and I love the feeling of creating cute things!


  1. I didn't know you made my shirt! I loved it before, but that makes it so much more wonderful!!