Thursday, October 13, 2011

baby girl onesies

My friend Haylie is pregnant with a little girl.  I actually had a hard time coming up with ideas because I had never done baby girl onesies before!  At the shower, I had them on a clothesline and a guest said "Where did you get those?"  I told her I made them and she said "Do you sell them?"  I had just met that lady, but I loved her already!!!  

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who appreciates how cute my creations's always nice to hear praise!  I told B I wish I lived closer to my sisters because I'm positive they would all react with the appropriate squeals and compliments I so desperately crave!

Anyway, here is what I did!

She's a teacher...fitting, eh?

I adore this fabric!!!

What's your favorite?  Any ideas for future onesies?


  1. The cupcake and the giraffe are my favs. I ADORE the giraffe fabric. Please come live closer to me and I will squeal praise at your amazing creations!

  2. I agree on the giraffe fab - it's fab! I think I might actually be most impressed by the Y - it just looks REALLY well done. :)

  3. Lady bug - plain and simple! I think I'll make apple ones for all my friends...t-shirts, not onesies :)

  4. I love the ladybug, but the giraffe is my favorite. Nice job!!

  5. I love them all. She will look absolutely adorable in them. The giraffe and ladybug are pretty great though.