Tuesday, April 26, 2011


S sent me an email the other day with a link to Our Best Bites and the recent post about silk-dyed eggs (aka Tie-dyed!)

We knew we HAD to try it!  So, Sunday night, we did!

We wanted our eggs to last for more than a few weeks, so we started by blowing them.  The website recommended using a snot sucker...we recommend it too!!!  It made life much, much easier!

After we blew all the egg out of the shells, we wrapped them in cut-up silk ties (bought at Goodwill) and then wrapped those in pieces of a white sheet.  The website also recommends using twist ties, to tie the fabric around the eggs...so do I.  We tried to do one with string, it would've taken us all night to do 22 that way!

we put them in a pan

filled it with water and a 1/4 cup of vinegar and then let it boil for 20 minutes.

The hardest part about this step was keeping the eggs underwater.  We used a smaller pot lid upside down to try and weigh the eggs down, but they still floated!!  We had to use another small lid to weigh the first lid down and that seemed to work resonably well.

We took the eggs out of the water and after they cooled, we got to unwrap them!!

This is what we found!

My eggs (the ones I claimed!)

S's eggs!

all of them!

I think I'm going to display mine in a big glass jar ona shelf in our library!  I plan to keep them out all year...and I definitely plan to tie-dye again!


  1. If I am wearing a white shirt with a tie and I spill my morning hot water and vinegar on it, will the design transfer to my shirt? that would be awesome because then it would look like i am wearing a tie even when I am not, kind of like those tuxedo shirts.

  2. Super cool! Now I'm tempted to ruin some of Sam's best ties-- the pattern would look fab on an egg! do you think that'll be a good enough excuse to cut up his ties? :)

  3. That is the coolest idea I've seen in a long time....since Pysanky eggs in fact. I think I'll start collecting ties now, watch out Good will!

    Brad's idea is a winner! You should market it.

  4. FABULOUS!! If I had some ties I could ruin (and could get my hands on white eggs) I would try this RIGHT NOW!! SO, so cool!