Wednesday, January 26, 2011

it's hereditary

Did you know that craftiness is hereditary? I did. I come from very crafty stock. My granny is a master of creating plastic canvas masterpieces. Really. She is. And my mother. Well, I used to think my mother's craftiness was focused on making just about the cutest quilts, jammies and dresses I could imagine...but no. Her craftiness knows no bounds. I remember, when she was in college, she took a few classes where she had to do art projects. For one, she created an alphabet and for each letter she came up with a name and drew a picture of a kid, totally cute. And once, she made a little statue of a child reading a book. She's crafty.

Well, recently she was looking through a Pottery Barn catalog and came across this

She thought "I could do that!" And did it she has! I think her way is much, much cuter. So cute, in fact, I think I'll try to replicate it myself!

Way to go mom!


  1. Such a nice blog Kelsy! I have some corrections that will make you think I'm even more amazing :) The alphabet had a head cut free hand from paper - with little embellishments for boys and girls, like bows for the pig tails and hats for the boys. It was a paper alphabet - with a child's name (and head) for each letter. The amazing thing was the free hand head cutting. It really was the piece de resistance!

  2. PS That wasn't the picture - it actually had fishing line across distressed frames. AND there was a statue of a woman with necklaces hanging on her neck :)