Tuesday, July 13, 2010

etsy tuesday

I'm in a bad mood. And I'm tired. I'm in Utah visiting my family and also babysitting 2 of my nephews for the week. One of them threw up today. As we were walking into the house. Unluckily, I am playing 'mom' and had to clean it up. Mom-hood sometimes stinks (hehe, that's punny!) Anyway.

On Etsy's main page today they have a lot of cute stuff commemorating Bastille Day (which is tomorrow). Cute stuff like cool Frenchy charms. But, considering my mood, I steered clear of the 'cute' and instead focused my attention on these bad boys.

Seriously? How do you expect people to react when you show up someplace with these on? "Oh, neat shoes, where'd you get 'em?" "I made them." "Really? I never would've guessed." I mean, does someone actually put these on in the morning and think "these are so well crocheted no one will ever guess my Aunt Hilda made them herself!"

People are weird. But, at least laughing at these shoes has cured me of my bad mood!!!

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