Tuesday, May 25, 2010

etsy tuesday

Recently, sister6 emailed me and asked me for some ideas for onesies. She was headed to a baby shower and needed something super cute to give the new mom. Upon reading her email my exact thoughts were "why is she asking me and noy sister1? why didn't she check etsy?". Sister1, as I'm sure you know by now, is super craft happy and is superb at all she tries. When I was at her house this past weekend I was blown away by some of the appliques shirts she's made for her kids (including a cherry blossom branch and robots). Until I get a sewing machine (hint, hint b-hick...only 22 days until my birthday :) I must live vicariously through the applique of my sisters and those whom I stalk on etsy. I particularly liked this woman's shop. My only concern with these onesies is that she didn't sew right on the edge so after said clothes are washed, the edges might curl.

this seller also had some cute stuff...and not just onesies, blankets and the like.

Can you tell, I'm a little obsessed with applique! What does this make, my fourth applique post?!?!


  1. k baby,
    sometimes i like it when the edges curl. if you don't want it to do that though, use a zigzag stitch and you'll be set.

  2. hey I made the whale one! It was cute. I actually used the onesie in your post as my pattern... I also made an elephant and maple leaves (I do live in Canada, you know).