Tuesday, April 27, 2010

etsy tuesday

I have not given up my own crafting obsession. I'm just seeking inspiration. I would love to do more applique, alas, I have no sewing machine. I would love to make some cards. But really, every time someone has a birthday I make them this card, cause I think it's the cutest one I've ever created. But let's get down to the real root of the matter. I'm feeling lazy. School will be over in a few long weeks and then, hopefully, I will starting being more crafty (I am planning on decorating/painting my house this summer though, that sounds like one giant craft project to me!)

So, today I am instituting Etsy Tuesday. I often peruse the lovely wares just to kill time and bask in the creativity of those I do not know. Today I came across this.

Now, I don't think I would buy this. I don't think I'd make it either. But do you see what I see? Do you know how I feel about the letter B? Well, not so much the letter B as the person B. Well, I love him! A lot! and this necklace reminds me of a story. So, bare with me. When we had been dating for a year or two I went into Claire's and saw a necklace. It said on it 'I love Brad.' It was probably intended for Brad Pitt fans, but I saw it and knew it was meant for me. For a long time I wore that necklace and when I was done wearing it I put it in my lovely jewelry box. Oh how I miss that jewelry box. Last April, when our apartment was burglarized the thieves stole my jewelry box. And though I had nothing too precious, financially speaking, in said box, I had a few items, like that cheap little 'I love Brad' necklace (and a magnificent trilobite necklace that my very own B had made for me - the true mark of a geologist's wife) that I consider to be priceless. Silly, right? I was attached to a tacky little necklace! I wouldn't wear the old necklace if I had it, but seeing this one today on Etsy, reminded me of the one I lost.

And so I guess etsy is good for one more thing...therapy!


  1. hey, I forgot about that necklace, but now i remember it too. it's alright though, you made up for it's loss with that "I Love Brab" tattoo.

  2. Haha! You crack me up. But seriously, that's sad.