Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter eggs!

I dyed a dozen eggs last night. A few of them turned out very cute! I'm sure everyone probably uses a white crayon so they can write stuff on their eggs, like this:

or so they can do designs like this:
last night I did do that...but I also tried something new. Candle wax! I got the idea from Pysanky eggs...which my mom does with her class. I dripped the wax over an egg, then dyed the egg. The effect is the same as using a white crayon, but the designs are cooler! Also, sometimes the white crayon washes off and the lines are clean when you take the egg out of the dye. Not so with wax!

with wax on

wax off

this one I dyed orange first, then waxed it...

then, with the first wax still on it, I put more wax on the other end and dropped it into the blue dye.
Final product, sans wax:

Super easy and fun! And, how cool are they?

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  1. My favorite ones are obviously in the first pic, but I like the red and white one because it looks like a halloween egg.