Saturday, February 20, 2010


I love fonts. Love them. Honestly, finding a good font is as satisfying to me as finding a pair of jeans that fits perfectly and makes me look super skinny! I do a family calendar every year (later post) and in it I use upwards of 25 different fonts. The best part of making said calendar was hunting down the perfect fonts. In all my searching, I have come across an exceptional website.

It's best feature is that you can search by occasion. So, you want a particulary scary font for halloween..just type in halloween. Not only will it provide you with fonts for halloween, but on the side bar, the site lists similar/related categories that may also be of interest to you! Also, fontspace lets you type in any word and it displays the word in the font you've chosen. I always find that trick stinks to download a font only to find out it doesn't do apostrophe's or the K's are ugly! I also am a big fan of font garden. It gives you cute and sometimes humerous sayings written in each font so you can really tell what it looks like. Also a fave: daFont.
You want to know my advice? I know you do! No font collection is complete without these:
All the DJ fonts - I got them free from my college years you have to pay for them :(

One of my favorite of my talents is my ability to copy fonts. When I scrapbook, I don't do the usual fun paper, brads, speech bubbles, etc. thing. I write titles on every page (no tracing, all free hand), with my Zig pens, and then I plop the photos down. Plain white cardstock is all I need. Take a look:

Now just some words:

bottom of the page says 'boquets' - you know, from making the boquets at my wedding.

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