Friday, February 5, 2010


Whose craft am I posting? My eldest sister's, of course! Who shall henceforth be known as sister1, and all other sisters of mine shall be known by sistern, wherein n=their birth order.

So, back to sister1. She made herself an alphabet like this one when she had my nephew1. When sister3 had her babies, sister1 made sister3 tiles just like these, but with the kiddos' names instead of the whole alphabet (equally as darling as the alphabet). When sister4 had her first, sister1 made her this alphabet.

there are several background designs and if you look closely you can see the variety

what a perfect way to decorate a child's room!!!

They're quite time intensive to make, starting with cutting all the blocks to the appropriate size. Then she paints the base color, then the design, then the letter. I think these would sell like hot cakes on the ol' Etsy.

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  1. she could make millions! or at least hundreds... :)