Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I had a delicious housewarming party last night.  Check out our eats! 

I believe the drippiness of the carmel on the apples is due to the 90% humidity we experienced here yesterday!  oh well...they were yummy!!
The popcorn balls were a bit time consuming to make...just because I had to wait for the sugar to dissolve then boil, then simmer again after adding the milk!  but, the apples were easy and fast.

We had hot chocolate for drink.  chocolate covered spoons for a little extra umph.  some had peppermint, some with cinnamon and some plain (I made more than 5...5 just fit nicely on the plate!)

  I got the idea for my fall theme from a new favorite blog: Life Frosting!

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  1. It was all delicious! In fact, I want the popcorn ball recipe, prettty please. I ate all of them, that's right, I didn't share :)