Thursday, June 18, 2009


I love scrapbooking and to help my photos look super perfect I use these bad boys! (the pics are links to the sites)

You can upload your photos and snapfish stores them for you for free! Prints are cheap and you can pick them up at Walgreens. You can make photo books, mugs with pictures on them, playing cards with pics, calendars, etc. My favorite feature though, is that you can share you online albums with friends and family!


I use photoscape mostly for blogging purposes. But, you can use it to crop and resize photos for scrapbooks as well. I like it's page feature and used it on my personal blog for our header. And I also like the 'add words to pictures' feature, but picnik has cuter fonts! Photoscape's downside is that you have to download it, but I still think it's worth the space!


It's like photoshop, but free online. You can do all sorts of things. Crop, change the colors, add words, add stickers, sharpen, brighten, add effects....lots of stuff! I use picnik mostly to brighten and sharpen images. I don't really put a lot of pictures with words and stickers on them in my scrapbooks! You can always edit your pics on picnik though, and upload them to snapfish! If you want to do more advnaced photo editing, you can pay about $25 a year for their premium service.

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